Now in one simple solution

"Most first sales pitches are virtual. Whom to focus on, whom to call, and the ablity to present instantly are as important as a compelling pitch deck. Parallelo empowers us with these."

LN Mishra
COO Adaptive Process

Your pitch deck is only one part of the story

Know who to focus on

Parallelo’s Mail-merge allows you to reach multiple prospects at once, and the Pipeline organises them based on actions they have taken on your email and pitch deck.So you have a clear view on who to focus on.

Know how much they know

Go beyond email open rates, and use insights on how your prospects engaged with your pitch deck to know what to talk about and anticipate their questions.

Time your follow-up calls better

With Parallelo you will know when your prospect opened the email, document, or when they request a call-back from you. So you are more likely to have fruitful conversations than "Sorry, I am in a meeting. Please call back later."

Start a walk-through instantly

Parallelo comes with Slide-casting baked in, so you can seize the moment and launch a walk-through of your pitch deck right from your smart phone.

Show BIG files

Do your clients not see your documents because of file size restrictions on email attachments?
Not anymore.

Always present what’s new

Change your pitch deck as many times as necessary and don’t worry about resending it. Your prospects will always see the latest version of the file.

   "In comparison with other tools, what seals Parallelo for me are two things.
   One, it is built for sales people. Two, everything's put together neatly."

     Manjunath Gowda, CEO @i7networks

Simple is when you’ve nothing new to learn

Parallelo works like your favourite email marketing software.
We use the same workflow and language (of Lists and Campaigns).
So you can get up and running in no time at all.
Don’t use an email marketing software?
No worries. Parallelo is still very easy to use.

How it works

  • Add your prospects and upload your pitch deck

  • Send emails with unique web-links to the pitch deck

  • Get an alert when they open it

  • Assess their interest with Analytics

  • Launch Slide-cast instantly


   "There are individual tools for mail-merge, document analytics, Open alerts, and slide-casting.
     But Parallelo combines them beautifully and clinches it with the Pipeline view.
     It has become a part of my essential tool-kit for sales. Highly recommend it."

     Andrew Grant, CEO @cryptophoto


Kiran Kumar

Co-Founder, CEO

"Humanist, curious, and a happy individual."

Abhilash Marichi

Co-Founder, Product Hacker

"Coding is my passion and stress buster too!"